Capacity building

Opportunities to upscale and replicate circular economy solutions in the built environment will arise from knowledge sharing and the promotion of networking and training opportunities. The CIRCuIT Academy facilitates this by providing a knowledge sharing structure through which circular economy education and solutions can be replicated and upscaled across the value chain.

Results and learnings from demonstrations and research will be shared through articles, webinars, conferences, training sessions and summer schools. Events such as hackathons and exhibitions will explore creative and new processes, outputs and solutions that can offer valuable insight into circular construction practices and engage with the wider public.

Through establishing a network of cities and delivering local networking events and conferences key stakeholders in each city and municipality will be able to share opportunities, experiences and best practices, to overcome challenges, and to discuss how CIRCuIT’s learnings can be taken forward.

Below are the latest outcomes and outputs in this focus area

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