The 'Circularity Hub' will be an open information platform for disseminating data, lessons learned, best practices and key indicators gathered over the duration of CIRCuIT.

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A platform for urban planners, developers and contractors to share methodologies, experiences and best practices in circular construction as well as a list of certified reused products and materials.

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A city-wide view of the built environment, providing analyses based on combined relevant data from the 'Mapping the data' focus area. It will also include a Space Monitoring Service, an infrastructure enabling quick automated analysis of satellite imagery pertaining to the partner cities.

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A visualisation of data and circularity indicators gathered and developed from the 'Mapping the data' focus area, to give decision makers and urban planners an instrument for performance evaluation for each city or area.

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Available in 2022

Information on demolition and dismantling of buildings to facilitate use of recycled materials, just-in-time deliveries from demolition sites to new construction projects and a more effective logistical planning. It will be accessible to commercial, governmental and private users.

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A platform demonstrating how 3D technologies, such as CAD/CAM models and virtual and augmented reality applications, can be used to engage citizens in the planning phase of construction and to become more involved with their local built environment.