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This image is a diagram of change at system level in two images. The first image is a group of people with an official document above them showing they represent policy makers. The next image is a city scape with the circularity symbol above it.

Municipalities can have a significant influence on the design of cities, urban areas and buildings. They can also be instrumental in initiating changes at system level to overcome barriers to implementing circular construction solutions. This focus area will demonstrate how cities can harness this influence and support the transition towards a circular economy within the built environment.


Urban planning instruments will be developed to support cities to implement circular construction solutions and initiate changes at the public administration level.

Partners in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki region and London will analyse European, national and local regulation to see what kind of options they have to include circular construction requirements in urban planning and building permits.


They will also develop replicable criteria for public construction tenders, and tools for early dialogue with developers. Other tools will include templates for business cases to include embedded energy of built environment materials.

Governanceand tools
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