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Materials Exchange Portal

Aggregator and Forecaster

A material exchange portal is a digital tool that helps connect available building materials on the secondary market with those looking for secondary building products. Users can post products or materials for recycling or reuse. The others can search these materials based on quantity, type, and location. This kind of digital infrastructure will be key to closing the loop of materials in the construction sector.

agg and forecaster


The ReLondon team has led on the development of a functioning digital Material Exchange Portal which is designed to be adapted for use in the other cities. The Material Exchange Portal is named the Material Reuse Portal in the proof of concept set up for London. This was done to avoid confusion with existing portals in the UK. It is intended that outputs from the work carried out by Copenhagen could provide a potential data source for the portal in future.

Visit the site by clicking the image below:



​In Copenhagen a supplementary approach is being investigated. In short, the concept is to find ways to highlight those materials that are to be released from building demolition or renovation. The main product around the concept is a database containing citywide information on materials in buildings. These data will be made available for each building receiving an application for renovation or demolition on the designated platform solution. This way information is gathered as early as possible to increase the likelihood of a potential recipient.  

Due to data and GDPR issues it is not possible to share the actual dashboard but mockups are displayed below

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