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Material Reuse and Deconstructable Building Design

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Welcome to Module 6 - Maximising Material Reuse – Urban mining and designing for deconstruction. CIRCuIT has developed a collection of six interactive e-learning modules. The modules disseminate findings, best practice and information about the circular economy in the built environment. They will teach you how it can be implemented at the city level. Who should take this module? This module is best fit for city planners, urban designers and planning policy makers What will I learn? By the end of this module, you will be able to... - Name the steps involved in completing Pre-Demolition Audits (PDA) using the CIRCuIT template - Learn ways to integrate PDA use into city policy  - Understand the benefits designing for disassembly (DfD) and adaptability - Learn ways to incorporate DfD and adaptability into city policy  What to look forward to You will hear from Karolina Bäckman, architect from GXN. Assessment 5 quizzes and 1 activity




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