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Klassenhäuser: façade


Verwaltungsbau Stadtwerke Neustadt in Holstein, Germany 

DfD internal partition walls

Innovative solution

Otto Wulff / Ehoch3 / Hamburg University of Technology, Bauteilnetz Deutschland 

Partners Involved


Building type

Plasterboard and steel

Structural material

Structural system

Steel stud walls



In planning and construction of a building for municipal offices in Neustadt in Holstein, there has been a focus on the use of recycled or reused components and materials. In this demonstration, design for disassembly has been applied to the original wall construction. The reuse in Neustadt building profits from this and reuses 207 m² of the available 250 m² of wall elements. 

Demonstrated innovation

Using partition walls that have been installed in an office building that was demolished. The baseline BAU scenario refers to the new construction of the partition wall, so the innovation is to avoid the second construction especially material production. 

Activities done

Among other activities to include reused and recycled materials, 207 m² of partition wall elements which were designed for disassembly formerly installed in an office building that has been demolished, have been reused. The manufacturer of the partition walls plays an important role by giving a new warranty for the reused partition wall elements. By this, not only the materials are comparable with a newly built partition wall, but also lifetime and performance of the wall elements are same.

Demonstrated impacts

By reusing the wall elements, the effort for the construction of a new wall including the associated material production could be avoided. 


Disassembly in existing building




Reassembly in new building

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