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CIRCuIT exhibits at NordBau 2022

CIRCuIT city partner Hamburg and German project partners attended the 67th NordBau construction trade fair in northern Germany in September to present the latest findings and research from the project.

With 40,300 visitors and 587 exhibitors from 13 countries, NordBau is the largest compact construction trade fair in northern Europe. Pressing, primarily energy-related and supply chain issues were at the forefront of this year's discussions.

CIRCuIT partners presented project results in the form of material samples on novel concrete formulations, and enjoyed valuable networking and exchanges with other sector experts and representatives from science and industry,

During the conference, project partners gave numerous short presentations on topics such as "Climate neutrality for buildings and neighbourhoods" (Prof. Sebastian Fiedler and Prof. Dietmar Walberg, TH Lübeck).

Two hackathons also took place alongside the fair, held with employees of the City of Hamburg, including from the newly created Building Competence Center, and other experts on the topics of pre-demolition audits, and the second on the evaluation between demolition and conversion / renovation of existing buildings. The feedback received from participants will help to enhance the tools developed by Hamburg partners to assist with each area.

View the event highlights in the gallery below:

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