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CIRCuIT publishes template business case for built environment

CIRCuIT aims to grow the regenerative capacity of cities by increasing the uptake of circular construction techniques. One of the ways to support this is by equipping decision makers with tools to evaluate circular construction projects.

CIRCuIT has produced a business case template that can be used by decision makers in city administrations and city councils to assess and demonstrate the wider impacts (both environmental and economic) of projects that help support the transition to a circular economy within the city. Business cases completed using this template should provide evidence that the project is a good investment for both the funding partner and the community through considering life cycle costing and environmental performance.

The template covers the mission statement, objectives, technical analysis, performance measures and economic analysis for the project and the assessment of needs at the city scale.

Download the template below.

Web_D7.2 Template business cases for built environment_31-05-2021
Download PDF • 321KB

This deliverable has been submitted and is waiting for final approval from the European Commission.

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