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CIRCuIT research published in Case Studies in Construction Materials journal

CIRCuIT’s Helsinki partners have published their latest research in the Case Studies in Construction Materials journal.


Methods for evaluating the technical performance of reclaimed bricks looks at salvaged bricks and examines different indirect test methods to assess their properties. Reusing deconstructed materials and components can help to decrease the environmental burden of buildings. To safely reuse reclaimed items in new construction, methods are needed to reliably identify the essential technical properties of the deconstructed products.

The paper is authored by Aapo Räsänen, Satu Huuhka, Toni Pakkala and Jukka Lahdensivu.


  • Properties of reclaimed bricks were studied with several parallel methods

  • Bricks’ hue and pitch helps to sort them into different categories of properties

  • Compression strength and freeze-thaw durability can be evaluated with UPV

  • These rapid low-expense tests can be performed at the deconstruction site

  • Only laboratory tests can determine compression strength and freeze-thaw resistance accurately

To access the paper, click here.

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