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CIRCuIT research published in Sustainable Cities and Society

CIRCuIT’s Copenhagen partners have published their latest research in Sustainable Cities and Society.

The study “Using digitized public accessible building data to assess the renovation potential of existing building stock in a sustainable urban perspective” by Rune Andersen, Lotte Bjerregaard Jensen and Morten Ryberg investigates the possibilities of using information from public registers and databases on existing buildings as possible input data to inform designers and other stakeholders about the renovation potential of existing buildings in urban developments. This includes evaluating sustainability indicators for indoor climate, energy savings, flexibility, affordability, materials composition, and recycling opportunities.

Due to limited data, further research is needed to determine the quality of public data and its impact in providing assessing improvement opportunities for existing buildings, however this study exemplifies Denmark as a leader in digitalising building data and making them publicly accessible as it steps closer to realising circularity in the built environment.

To access the study, click here.

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