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Circular economy indicators – A perspective from Finland

This report examines key circular economy indicators developed during the CIRCuIT project and Finnish city official’s views on them. The aim of the study was to identify the use cases for five indicators from the cities’ perspective. Interviews were conducted with representatives of the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen.  The report was commissioned by Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY.  

The five key indicators assessed include:

Circular economy indicators for demolition

  • Amount of construction and demolition waste

  • Proportion of Construction and Demolition Waste Recycled

Circular economy indicators for existing building stock 

  • Refurbishment and transformation relative to new construction

  • Demolition rate

  • Average age of demolished buildings

Key findings from the work include:

  • Construction and demolition indicators were considered highly impactful where available

  • The comparability of indicators between cities should be considered carefully - age of the demolished buildings could be related more to the city's history than to its circularity policies

  • Continuous improvement of indicators requires systematic data collection - this is not always in place

  • To act on the data city officials needed a better understanding of demolition and repurposing opportunities

CE indicators_Report
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