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Copenhagen hackathon combines scientific engineering with skilled carpentry

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Engineering students from the Technical University of Denmark collaborated with carpenter students from NEXT during a week-long hackathon to explore opportunities across CIRCuIT principles of urban mining, transformation and build for disassembly at Sydhavnen Recycle Centre in Copenhagen.

With materials mainly sourced from the recycle centre, students were tasked to construct a wall element which was built for disassembly using only second life components. Combining their different competences, the students came up with innovative hacks to solve the task and demonstrated both how to assemble and disassemble their solutions.

The hackathon resulted in insights into practical problem solving, showcasing the interdisciplinarity of both sets of students and the Copenhagen Partners that facilitated the hackathon.

Watch the video below:

View some hackathon highlights in the gallery below:



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