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Hamburg hosts their first hackathon on the challenges and opportunities of recycled concrete

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

As part of the CIRCuIT project each city will host a variety of workshops and hackathons to explore creative and new processes, outputs and solutions that can offer valuable insight into circular construction practices and engage with the wider public.

The 1st online hackathon of CIRCuIT in Hamburg was held on 9th July 2020. During this event 21 participants delivered useful and profitable ideas on the topic of recycled concrete, identifying and prioritising the weaknesses, challenges, strengths and opportunities of recycled concrete. And recommended measures and actions to increase and improve its use in new buildings. 

Findings from this event will contribute to further work within the Urban Mining focus area, including two upcoming workshops on the potential for reuse and recycling of construction elements and materials in Hamburg on a regional scale.

In addition, they will inform surveys and interviews based on stakeholder requirements and user needs in the city of Hamburg. And be linked with recommended and actual cases of concrete use in two demolition demonstrations in Hamburg which will compare recycling and landfill scenarios in terms of environmental and economic impact (LCA and LCC analyses).



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