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London publishes Circular Economy Statement Guidance

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The Mayor of London's office has released a pre-consultation draft of London's circular economy statement guidance which aims to transform the way materials and resources are used in the built environment in order to cut waste and drive up reuse & recycling.

The guidance requires proposals for strategic planning applications from organisations in the built environment to set out how three core circular economy principles will be achieved:

  • Conserving resources, increasing resource efficiency and sourcing sustainably

  • Designing to eliminate waste (and for ease of maintenance)

  • Managing waste sustainably and at the highest value

The draft guidance has been in development since 2018. It has been informed by extensive engagement with a range of built environment stakeholders including with developers and the development industry (e.g. architects, contractors, technical consultants), the public sector and academia.

The draft guidance will be formally consulted on post publication of the London Plan which is currently being finalised.

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