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REPORT: ReLondon publish guide to sourcing reclaimed materials

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The built environment is accountable for over 10% of London’s consumption-based emissions and is the city’s biggest producer of waste. One way to tackle this issue is by increasing the use of reclaimed materials in new construction.

As part of CIRCuIT’s urban mining workstream, the London cluster has collaborated with Grosvenor, a property management company that develop, manage and invest in property, and a range of partners within the circular construction industry to explore how to incorporate more reclaimed materials and components within new building developments. As part of this work, ReLondon has explored the current market options for sourcing reclaimed materials.

They have now published a guide that documents their findings into the ways to source reclaimed materials and how to integrate this into the project development process. It also contains profiles of a number of retailers and exchange platforms available in London.

The London cluster are continuing to explore the market for reclaimed and recycled construction materials and assessing the impact of their demonstrator project with Grosvenor.

To watch the launch of the guide via a webinar hosted by Grosvenor on 9th June 2021, click here.

To find out more visit the Grosvenor material reuse website or contact Andrea Charlson.

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