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Watch now - Dialogues with developers: unlocking circular construction in cities

How can we improve the dialogue between city officials and private developers to ensure greater incorporation of circular economy principles in building projects?

During this webinar for CE Week 2022, ReLondon and C40 Cities discussed key findings and recommendations from a recent CIRCuIT report on this topic, with a wider group of municipal stakeholders and interested private sector players seeking to promote and understand how to supplement circular economy regulation in planning policy in their regions.


  • Cécile Faraud, Programme Manager, Clean Construction, C40 Cities

  • Tessa Devreese, CIRCuIT Project Manager, ReLondon

  • Holley Chant, Director of Sustainability - Google Development Venture, Lendlease

  • Bruno Almeida Santos, Project Director, Far East Consortium

  • Arthur Kay, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Skyroom

  • Frederik Fenger Petersen, Project Manager, Sustainable Construction and Reuse, City of Copenhagen

  • Jens Runge, Chief Consultant, City of Copenhagen

Download the full report here:

D7.3 Recommendations for improved dialogue with developers
Download PDF • 3.41MB

Download the presentation slides here:

CE Week 2022_Dialogues with Developers
Download PDF • 2.49MB

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