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Reuse of zinc sheets at HSY info center

Helsinki Region

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The Helsinki Region Environmental Services authority (HSY) has a new Sortti Mini Station in Koivukylä, Vantaa. The info center at the Sortti showcases two aspects of circular construction - how to reuse materials and enable movability of a building.

HSY Info Center digital tour
HSY Info Center top
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

The Sortti Mini Station and the info center was opened in autumn 2021. Located next to Koivukylä Reuse Centre, visitors of the Reuse Centre and HSY’s recycling center can learn about circular economy practices.

Zinc sheets from Kiasma to the HSY’s Sortti Mini Station

The Kiasma museum of modern art was undergoing a refurbishment where the zinc sheets used in the façade and in the roof were renewed. The refurbishment started with a pre-demolition audit to minimize the amount of construction waste produced. HSY seized the opportunity to acquire the zinc sheets for reuse purposes. The acquired sheets from the roof were given new life as a façade of the new info center in a Sortti Mini Station. ​

Photo: Kansallisgalleria/ Susanna Kesänen

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At the moment, HSY examines the carbon footprint of reusing the zinc sheets by using the info center as a case example. Later, more reuse cases for zinc sheets are to be explored. ​

The lifecycle of the building is long since the info center is easily movable to another location. The building is designed as one module that contains all the needed technology and furnishing. Once on-site, it only needs to be plugged into the drainage and electricity systems. The building is ready for use on a new site in only two hours from when it is lifted at the original location.​

Photo: Rakennus Oy/ Antti J. Ahola

Visit us and try the app on the building

Try the on-site app yourself at the info center (coming soon) to learn more about the different circularity approaches throughout the building. Follow the simple steps below.

1. Visit the Sortti Mini Station at Hosantie 2, 01360 Vantaa. The opening hours of the Sortti Mini Station can be found here. ​

2. Find the info center at the Sortti Mini Station.

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3. Find QR code at the gate. Scan the code with your mobile phone and open website. Follow on-screen instructions of the AR-portal. 


4. Move slowly towards the gate opening to see the pop-up elements on your screen. Follow the instructions on the screen.

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HSY Info Center onsite AR app
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