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Green Street workspace



Relocateable office spaces

Innovative solution

Architecture 00 / Simple Works

Partners Involved


Building type

Timber and / or Steel

Structural material

Structural system


The aim of the demonstrator is to provide evidence that fairly priced workspaces can be designed, fabricated, and constructed in meanwhile spaces to enable them to be demountable and moved to a new location or reused. To do this, the demonstration will explore cost effective ways of achieving demountability with small changes to standard systems.

The meanwhile nature of the site make the project ideally suited to realising the benefits of designing for demountability. It will create cost-effective workspaces able to be hired by residents and small businesses to support local businesses, creatives, and the recovery of the town centre.


The expected impacts

We hope to demonstrate that by designing for deconstruction and reuse, we can demonstrate that 90% of the materials could be reused and that whole life cost savings can be achieved.


The project will also have positive social, economic and environmental impacts within the community it serves, through the provision of fairly priced workspace, whilst providing technical knowledge and political incentive to deliver similar projects in other local communities. 


Activities done

The CIRCuIT London cluster has worked alongside the appointed team as a critical friend, providing steer, cutting edge technical/advisory support and expert review on flexible, adaptable options. The team has also reviewed the proposed slab interface details with the existing deck for their suitability for disassembly.

Demonstrated results

The project is still at the design stage and has yet to finalise the details of the systems to be used in its construction. The results will be analysed early 2022.

LON demo 3-1.jpg
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