Hybrid school


Vantaa, Finland

Temporary-permanent school hybrid system 

Innovative solution

City of Vantaa / GXN / Vandkunsten / HSY / Ramboll

Partners Involved

School building

Building type

Concrete - steel - timber hybrid 

Structural material

Structural system

Combination of permanent and temporary structures (modules)

City of Vantaa needs ways to build flexible schools in areas of rapid changing demographic capacity. The aim is to find an optimum combination of a school building which consists of partly permanent structures and partly temporary modules that can provide easy, cost efficient and fast adaption to changing needs (growth or decrease) in school capacity.

The demonstrator will uncover any benefits or downsides of design for disassembly and flexible planning design on a systemic level.

The expected impacts

  • Increased cost efficiency

  • Increased material efficiency

  • Decreased carbon footprint

  • Increased circularity by reusing the modules

  • Time savings in the permitting and building processes


Activities done

  • Study on the most recent school projects in Vantaa, both temporary and permanent, to unfold baseline criteria

  • Programmatic and functional analysis

  • Developing schemes for different degrees of rigidness and flexibility

  • Development of systemic concepts for permanent, temporary and hybrid structures sketched

Vantaa demo 1-1
Vantaa demo 1-1

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Vantaa demo 1-2
Vantaa demo 1-2

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Vantaa demo 1-3
Vantaa demo 1-3

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Vantaa demo 1-1
Vantaa demo 1-1

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