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CIRCuIT research published in Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

CIRCuIT’s Helsinki partners have published their latest research in the Journal of Housing and the Built Environment.

Adaptability is one key aspect in making housing more sustainable. One major approach to adaptability is internal transformability of buildings, i.e. the possibility to make modifications to the spaces and their equipment within the existing building. This aspect is often taken into consideration in the design and implementation of office buildings, however, is very seldom implemented in apartment buildings. The study “Barriers to implementing adaptable housing: architects’ perceptions in Finland and Denmark” by Jyrki Tarpio, Satu Huuhka & Inge Vestergaard investigates the barriers to internal transformability of apartment buildings in Finland and Denmark. Through insightful interviews with architects, stakeholder nuances were uncovered which could be key in the sustainability and viability of adaptable housing.

To access the study, click here.

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