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REPORT: The business case for a material stocks and flows database

Access to trustworthy, accurate, information has been shown to be a catalyst for the circular economy, particularly in complex systems with many stakeholders such as cities.

To help provide access to such information, the CIRCuIT project has set out to design a novel and comprehensive central database on the arising stock and flow of construction materials. Instances of the database will be created for each of the four CIRCuIT cities, each building on existing databases as appropriate. During the CIRCuIT project, this database will form the core of a planned ‘Circularity Hub’ which will provide tools and platforms that showcase valuable uses for this data.

This report presents a business case and marketing strategy that proposes how the database concept and related work developed through CIRCuIT can continue beyond the life of the project and be adopted by other cities and regions.

Download the full report below

Web_D3.5 Business case and marketing strategy_final
Download PDF • 3.84MB

This deliverable has been submitted and is waiting for final approval from the European Commission.

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