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Watch now - Dialogues with developers: unlocking circular construction in cities

During this webinar for CE Week 2022, ReLondon and C40 Cities discussed key findings and recommendations from a recent CIRCuIT report on this topic, with a wider group of municipal stakeholders and interested private sector players seeking to promote and understand how to supplement circular economy regulation in planning policy in their regions.



The image is an illustrated graphic of a city, with mint, grey and teal buildings. The road is filled in a golden yellow, with trees on either side of the road.

Circular Construction in Regenerative Cities (CIRCuIT) is a collaborative project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, bringing together 31 ambitious partners across the entire built environment chain in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki Region and Greater London.


The project aims to bridge the implementation gap between theory, practice and policy and showcase how circular construction approaches can be scaled and replicated across Europe, to support the creation of regenerative cities. 


This is a graphic of CO2 inside a cloud to indicate carbon emissions.

Reduce carbon emissions and increase regenerative capacity in the four cities

This graphic is a 3D outline of bricks stacked on to of one another. 3 bricks on the bottom, 2 in the middle, 1 on top.

Reduce yearly consumption of virgin materials by 20% in new built environments

This graphic is a coin with a Euro sign to indicate money or currency.

Demonstrate cost savings of 15%


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